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Succession Tasting

Saturday, after our glorious cheat dinner we had a rather simple dessert. Have you heard of something called succession tasting? I hadn’t. This came from Tim Ferriss’  book The Four Hour Chef. Normally this would be done with mango, but I didn’t have any mango, I just had cantaloupe, so I used that. Slice up the melon into large bite…

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Crumpets; the mid-afternoon-snack of English aristocrats and the world’s deadliest thirteen year old. Due in no small part to the subliminal advertising efforts of the crumpet-lobby we picked up a pack of crumpets recently. Man, they were tasty. The following week I was sent on a pre-breakfast grocery run to get eggs. I was this close to coming home with another package of crumpets. The…

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Baklava Experiment

For a recent potluck, I decided to be overly ambitious and try making baklava. I’d had a recipe* floating around that I kept eyeing and finally decided to give it a try – and it was absolutely worth the effort. The hard part (in reality more time-consuming than hard) is the phyllo pastry. Keeping it damp and not ripping it proved…

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