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Backpacker’s food – Oatmeal

Instagram and Tumblr are full of awesome inspirational camping/trekking hipster photos; so many awesome images of mountains, lakes, fields, manly men in beards and flannel, and adventurous women standing triumphant in their backpacks overlooking  some wondrous sunset. It’s easy to forget that amping is actually hard work. While I spent much of yesterday morning in utter awe of how much better…

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Matt’s Scottish Porridge

When I was a kid I hated porridge, oatmeal, cream of wheat, and all the other boiled grain goops I had to eat. Because it is cheap and easy to prepare at work, I’ve grown to appreciate Quaker flavoured instants oatmeals (but even then, it is fuel, not a meal to indulge in). It is my belief that if a food…

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