Author: Matt

Sous-Vide Low-Carb Pulled Pork

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you’re at a barbeque or some other get together when some holier-than-though-vegan* starts telling you about this vegetarian hot dog or burger or something you’ve got to try – “it tastes just like a real burger”. Bullshit. It never tastes like a meat burger. Usually when someone tries to make a veggie burger taste…

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Mediterranean Basil Chicken

Here’s a Slow Carb diet friendly dish that I really like. It’s a combination of a couple of dishes we’ve tried. It should be rich. If it isn’t, use more cream, a higher fat cream, or more fat when cooking the chicken. I started writing this recipe as if the reader has no idea how to cook, because this is…

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We’re Back!

Hey! We’re Back! This blog was started way back in 2012 when Cynthia and I started receiving our first CSA (Community Supported Agriculture, a box of fresh veggies delivered from a local farm once every two weeks) and experimenting with different “healthy living” ideas. Some of those stuck with us. Others, not so much. The blog pretty much died, and…

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Grilled Spiced Cauliflower

I really have nothing to add to this recipe. It’s summer, and that means fresh veggies and barbeques.  This recipe combines both beautifully.  

Succession Tasting

Saturday, after our glorious cheat dinner we had a rather simple dessert. Have you heard of something called succession tasting? I hadn’t. This came from Tim Ferriss’  book The Four Hour Chef. Normally this would be done with mango, but I didn’t have any mango, I just had cantaloupe, so I used that. Slice up the melon into large bite…

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Gorgonzola Pasta

After two weeks of half-assing the Slow Carb diet, last week was my first full on week. So I was truly looking forward to yesterday as my first true cheat-day. Dinner was Gorgonzola Pasta as follows (and for those keeping track at home, both Cynthia and I woke up weighing less the day after this than the morning before –…

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The Threat of Frozen Lasagne

Every Friday evening or Saturday morning, Cynthia and I put together our menu and shopping list for the following week. Every week we put down “Frozen Lasagne” for the following Friday (unless we’re having guests over on the Friday, then we move it to Thursday). So, you may ask, how much frozen lasagne do we go through? The answer: not…

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Backpacker’s food – Lunch

Imagine this: It’s midday, the weather is glorious and you’re out in the middle of nowhere with a couple of close friends and a pack of happy dogs. You’re on a hiking trip and life is good. It’s time for a rest and some lunch. You could setup the little stove and boil up something, but you’re warm enough that…

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