Succession Tasting

Saturday, after our glorious cheat dinner we had a rather simple dessert. Have you heard of something called succession tasting? I hadn’t. This came from Tim Ferriss’  book The Four Hour Chef.

Normally this would be done with mango, but I didn’t have any mango, I just had cantaloupe, so I used that. Slice up the melon into large bite size pieces, make sure you have at least 4 slices per person (they don’t need to be big) but the more the better.

Dessert is broken up into four rounds.

Round 1

Each person have a slice of the melon (or mango). Enjoy it. Notice the flavours.

Round 2

Each person sprinkle a little cayenne pepper on a slice and eat that. Again, take the time to notice the flavour.

Round 3

Each person sprinkle a little cayenne and a little salt on their slice. As before, pay attention to the changes in flavour.

Round 4

Go nuts. Try the unflavoured mellon again. Try everything again. See what you like best and just enjoy.

Round 5 (optional)

If you still want more dessert after that (because maybe you’re a glutton like me), have some strawberries in a bit of cream and icing sugar. They’ll taste extra sweet after the melon.

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