The Threat of Frozen Lasagne

Every Friday evening or Saturday morning, Cynthia and I put together our menu and shopping list for the following week. Every week we put down “Frozen Lasagne” for the following Friday (unless we’re having guests over on the Friday, then we move it to Thursday).

So, you may ask, how much frozen lasagne do we go through? The answer: not much. Our current frozen lasagne has been sitting in the freezer for at least three months.

The frozen lasagne is a buffer in our menu. It gives us space in case we have leftovers unsuited to lunches, or if we suddenly decide to go out for dinner one night. It’s also starting to be an incentive. While we both like the frozen lasagne we buy, often neither of us actually feel like eating it. So we do all sorts of things to make an extra meal with whatever we have lying around. Last night we averted this week’s frozen lasagne by using some extra greens and a chicken breast to make a chicken salad.

Anyone else do anything similar?

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