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It’s a typical Friday evening and Matt and I are poring through grocery flyers and cookbooks, scouring for ideas for the following week’s menu (don’t judge us, we have lives, really).

We have done this for the past couple of years starting when we realized our apartment’s ridiculously tiny kitchen (seriously, like 2′ by 6′) could not hold much more than one weeks worth of food at a time.

Even after moving to a bigger place, we kept up the weekly meal planning for convenience (no more conversations like this: What do you feel like having for dinner tonight? I don’t know, what do you feel like having?) and economy (we stick to our grocery list and try to keep the splurging to a minimum).

We started toying with the idea of an organic veggie home delivery last winter through… a targeted internet ad! Who knew? They actually work sometimes!

We checked up on it some more and the desire to taste produce the way it should taste before mankind started messing with pesticides and genetic engineering eventually won out over our frugality – $50 a week for a basket of organic local vegetables was really steep considering our weekly food budget is about $100.

So we compromised, decided to go with a bi-weekly delivery and took the plunge beginning late spring.

This blog will follow our process along the way, along with new recipes and old favourites, and our musings of the merits of this trial.

Carrots, Tomatoes, and Peppers, Oh My!

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